Midwest Elite Soccer Camp



The Midwest Elite Soccer Camp at University of Wisconsin – River Falls attracts top female high school soccer players and college coaches/recruiters from across the country.


Our girls soccer camp in the Twin Cities is a showcase for our campers to display their soccer skills in hopes of one day playing soccer at the collegiate level.

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How Are Camps Teams Formed?2015-12-27T16:44:07-06:00

– The ultimate goal is to create equally competitive teams that will best allow each player to showcase her talents while pushing her to play at her highest level. This is a challenging process, and many factors are taken into consideration (age, current playing level, etc.). Because of this, it will NOT be possible to place roommates/teammates on the same team. In fact, one of the greatest advantages of attending MESC is the opportunity for campers to play with new, talented players they have not played with before.

What If A Player Has A Club Team Commitment During The Camp?2018-06-06T16:19:19-05:00

– No problem! We understand that players may have club team games, etc. If a player needs to leave one evening for a club team commitment, that is fine as long as we are warned in advance.

– Plus…We’re centrally located in River Falls, WI, just a 30 minute drive from the Twin Cities. This makes it quick and easy for players to get their club team commitments!

Will All Of The College Coaches Listed On The Staff Page Be At The Camp?2019-06-11T11:44:07-05:00

– All of the college coaches listed on the staff page have made a commitment to attend at least some portion of the camp. Some college coaches will be “staff coaches,” who will be given a camp team to coach for the entire duration of the camp. Other college coaches will most likely not be at every practice/gane and will come at their convenience. Please note…EVERY camp team will have a designated college coach to train them in practice sessions and games.

– Some of the coaches have only committed to attend one of the two sessions. Please refer to the “Staff” page of our website to see which session(s) the college coaches will be attending.

– Also, please understand that while all of the coaches listed on the staff page have currently committed to be at the camp, coaching schedules are very unpredictable and can change. If a coach withdraws from the camp, MESC will do its best to update the camp website in a timely manner.

Athletic Training2015-12-24T16:44:14-06:00

– An athletic trainer will be available for every training session during the camp. The trainer will be available 30 minutes before each session to provide taping, etc.

– Athletic tape will NOT be provided by Midwest Elite Soccer Camp. If you would like your ankles (or anything else) to be taped, you must provide your own tape.


– Athletes will walk between the dorm and the field for the training sessions. They will not need a car for the duration of camp.

– For out-of-town athletes, a shuttle to and from the airport can be provided for $40. Campers can sign up for a shuttle at the time of registration.

– If an athlete brings her own car to camp, the MESC administrator will confiscate the keys until the end of camp (unless the athlete’s parent has pre-arranged for the athlete to leave campus at an earlier time).  This is to eliminate the possibility of athletes leaving campus without permission during camp.

Will Linens Be Provided?2015-12-24T16:43:41-06:00

– Linens are included in the base cost of registration. Campers are allowed to bring their own linens as well if desired. Please note, the beds are extra long twins, so normal twin sheets will not fit on the bed. Some campers bring sleeping bags to lay flat on the bed and then bring a top sheet to lay under.

– A linen package, including bottom sheet, top sheet, pillow, pillow case, towel, and wash cloth, will be provided to each camper.

Will The Dorms Be Air Conditioned?2015-12-24T16:41:16-06:00

– No. The dorms are not air conditioned. Campers are encouraged to bring a fan! For campers who cannot bring a fan, a 20″ box fan can be rented for $10.

Can Parents Attend The College Player Talk & College Coach Recruiting Talk?2018-06-06T16:24:24-05:00

-Yes! We have made provisions to move these talks to a larger auditorium so that parents can also listen to these very educational talks.

-The College Player Talk will take place the first night of camp at 9pm in North Hall. DI, DII, and DIII players will be available to discuss their college recruiting and playing experience in addition to taking questions from the audience.

-The College Coach Recruiting Talk will take place on the second night of camp at 9:30pm in the same location. DI, DII, and DIII coaches will take questions from the audience about all things related to college soccer, including the recruiting process and life inside a college soccer program.

Can Parents Watch The Field Sessions?2019-06-12T14:43:42-05:00

– Parents may attend the championship matches on the last morning of camp.  The championship tournament and closing ceremonies on the last day will start between 8:45am and 9am and end by approximately 12:00pm-1:00pm. The games will take place on the Intramural Fields (#29 on Campus Map). Parents are welcome and should park in Lot N and walk to the fields.  There are not bleachers at these fields, so we recommend bringing lawn chairs for comfort.

– The reason we do not invite parents to watch other portions of the camp is because we are trying to replicate a college training/living environment and prepare these players to play/perform/live without parents around. For many, this will be their first time performing in competitive, game-like situations without parents (theirs or others) around. We feel this experience is very valuable.


– The championship tournament and closing ceremonies on the last day will start between 8:45am and 9am and end by approximately 12:00pm-1:00pm. The games will take place on the Intramural Fields (#29 on Campus Map). Parents are welcome and should park in Lot N and walk to the fields.  There are not bleachers at these fields, so we recommend bringing lawn chairs for comfort.

– Following the closing ceremonies at the fields, athletes will then check out of their dorms and depart.

– Dorms must be completely cleaned and spotless before checking out. A $30 university cleaning fee will be assessed to rooms that are left in an unsatisfactory condition.

– A $50 fee is assessed for each key or keycard that is lost or not returned upon check-out.

– Your University provided linens must be placed in your pillow case and left on your bed prior to check-out. A $30 university cleaning charge will be assessed if linens are not neatly placed in the pillow case and left on the bed.


– Athletes check-in from 12:30pm-3pm on the first day of camp. Check-in will take place on the North side of Hathorn Hall (#15 on campus map.  See link below.)  Please park in Lot N.

– If you must arrive after the designated check-in time, please contact the Camp Director so that proper arrangements can be made.

– The address for University of WI – River Falls is 410 S 3rd St, River Falls, WI 54022

– Here is a Campus Map.

– Do NOT rearrange the furniture! The university assesses a $125 fee if the furniture is not properly arranged.


– Midwest Elite Soccer Camp will provide dinner on the first evening of camp, 3 meals on each full day, and breakfast on the final morning of camp.

– Athletes can bring snacks. Mini refrigerators in each room will be available. However, please note that the microfridge units must be completely clean upon departure. The University assesses a fine of $75 for uncleaned unit and damaged units will be assessed a fine of $165.

– Pizza can be purchased after the evening college talks if desired. (Dinner is at 4:30pm, so campers often are hungry again before lights out.) Campers are encouraged to bring some spending money.

Recommended Items2017-06-16T15:35:50-05:00

– Extra spending money for snacks/drinks

– Portable ball pump (campers will use their own balls during camp and need to have inflated balls)

– Fan (dorms not air conditioned. Fans can be rented from the camp.)

– Chapstick

Required Items2017-06-16T15:38:21-05:00

– SOCCER BALL!! (Every player must bring a ball to camp…the camp provides a camp shirt and bag but does not provide soccer balls.  We use camper soccer balls for all practices/games.)

– Water bottle

– Multiple shirts, shorts, socks, undergarments (no laundry service)

– Cleats (all fields are grass), indoor soccer shoes (in case of inclement weather), running/walking shoes (for walking around campus), flip-flops (for showers)

– Shinguards (must be worn for all field sessions)

– Athletic Tape (if you require your ankles or other body part(s) to be taped)

– Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)

– Sunscreen

– Medicines (as required)